Project Proposal: ProBizCa has agreed with Wilde to barter in exchange for services

Client: Nathan Siegele

Delivered on: 7/15/2022

Submitted by:


Thank you for allowing Probizca+ and our team the opportunity to present our integrated proposal plan to you. We look forward to building a partnership that leads to your great success for “Wilde Cigars and Culture” events, membership, merchandise and other related elements.


Our primary goal is to help create, brand and manage the activities associated with Wilde Cigars and Culture including but not limited to marketing.


ProBizCa™ Digital Business Card Marketing Platform

ProBizCa™ will provide Large Business Package for one year at no charge to contain the following:

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  • Photo Gallery – Album Limit – 10, Gallery Limit – 25
  • Infographics – Sections Limit – 10, Content Limit – 25
  • Additional Addon’s include: Dedicated URL, Logo Inclusion, Video Profile, Editable Theme, Photo Inclusion, White Label, CRM, Coupons/Incentives, Email, Invoice, Paid Content, Chat Room, Geolocation, Unlimited SMS, Push Notification and Shopping Cart

ProBizCa™ Digital Marketing Services

Wilde may also be in the market for the following services:

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  • Website Design
  • Merchant Service by Fall 2022
  • Shopping Cart (selling tobacco online)
  • Hard Drive Recovery


Wilde Productions Video Marketing

Wilde Productions will provide the following:

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  • Creation of 30 Second Intro video that will sell and promote ProBizCa™
  • Creation of ProBizCa’s Intro Video based upon examples provided


Phase I (1-30 days)

Explore & Envision

Business Strategy & Consulting, Logo design, Domain, Hosting, SSL Certificate

Phase II (15-60 days)


Logo Selection & Revisions, Website Design & Programming 

Phase III (60+ days)

Evaluate & Enhance

 Website Launch & Maintenance, Event Activations, Partnerships, Merchandise


Below is our estimated budget based on the scope of services outlined in this proposal. Our fees are based on the time required and services rendered and will be billed at the all inclusive fixed rate for the contract completion period starting from the date of signed contract.

Proposed Integrated Consulting, Creative & Digital Development Total:

  • $7,500 – Business Strategy & Consulting, Domain, Hosting, SSL Certificate, LLC & DBA, Trademarking
  • $2,500 – Branding and Logo Design
  • $21,500 – Website Design & Programming including membership signup, submissions, shopping cart, podcast content, social media 
  • $2,850 – ProBizCa Creation
  • $12,500 – Event Logistics (Strategy & Planning only) 
  • $20,000 – Creative Development (merchandise, signage, collateral etc.)
  • $13,000 – Digital Marketing  
  • $24,000 – Annual Website Maintenance

Total Estimate = $100,000+

* Expenses for creative, management, report production and analytics are included or will be absorbed by ProBizCa+ Agency. In addition, if there are fees for purchasing tools, assets, labor or resources, we will bring those to team for consideration. We are sensitive to the financial challenges facing a startup, growing business. It is our objective to help shoulder some of this expense by discounting our services & fees and utilizing our extensive resources so together we can build something bigger. We will always use our utmost discretion to keep costs low and still achieve the desired results. There will be times which require new development (extending team, event activities, or other new opportunities that we agree would be beneficial) and in those instances we will work together to determine the most cost effective options to reach optimal return.

Let’s Get Started

Again, we look forward to working with you and HELPING makING your business successful!