Project Proposal: Consulting, Website Development & Branding/Creative

Client: Rocberry Protainment (China Smith)

Delivered on: 11/16/2020

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Thank you for allowing Probizca and our team the opportunity to present our business strategy & services to you. It was a pleasure meeting you and your cousin and we look forward to building a partnership that leads to your great success with “Rocberry Protainment” (RP).

Through our integrated marketing proposal/retainer, we will execute a results-oriented business strategy and will develop your branding and campaigns to achieve the best results possible. Marketing isn’t something you do once, it takes consistent content creation, fine tuning and ongoing development and measurement to establish brand awareness and be recognized as the platform of choice in the fine arts industry. Following the retainer model, our agency will effectively become your marketing department. Probizca will develop and implement the company marketing strategy, develop branding tools and drive positive Return On Investment.


Our primary goals are to build and help establish Rocberry Protainment as the “Go-To” platform for fine arts artists (music,dance, visual arts, theatre, film, culinary and poetry) content creators and influencers.  The intention is to help them collaborate around the country and develop into an opportunity portal and business ecosystem for millions of users.

 We will leverage Rocberry as the “One-stop” platform to:

  • Help talent obtain work and/or position to relevant companies and projects to generate revenue
  • Help talent expand their awareness, content and reputation (local to global)
  • Help talent build their brand via collaboration, partnerships, sponsorships and new ideas
  • Help various businesses find upcoming, qualified talent
  • Help fans discover new talent, content, interact and share

Rocberry Protainment hears you, see’s you and WILL help you.”

China Smith



“Go-to-Market” Business Strategy & Consulting

Assist with current and future plans to develop, market, grow and manage your business plan.

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This will include:

  • Branding
  • Website/Digital Development
  • Database Development/Management
  • Social Media & Online Marketing
  • Advertising
  • PR Services and
  • Strategic Partnerships (business, schools, organizations etc.)

Branding & Creative Development

Develop a brand platform for RP, including positioning, personality, promise, differentiation, and value proposition, based on the company mission, vision and values and messaging, which will be developed with our assistance.

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  • Create a brand identity including logo design, colors, and fonts & style guidelines for online/offline marketing collateral. 
  • Design specific, visually compelling Marketing Collateral, Promotional Sales Merchandise

Website Design & Programming

Create a new interactive website that will be a user-friendly, online content hub for RP that speaks to multiple audiences and stakeholders. The Rocberry Website portal will be developed in phases and include the following:

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Web Development will include: 

  • Artist Profiles – includes bio, photo comps, media (audio & video), press/news articles, career highlights, contact information & social media
  • Job Listings Module – the ability to search of jobs, apply for jobs, receive notifications and security.
  • Message Board Module (some social media functions) –  This will provide chat, direct messaging, emoticons, private groups, email capabilities, file uploads, calendar, like option, search engine and sorting.
  • Resource Center – including but not limited to: schools, training & professional development, legal, financial, health care, loans & grants, support groups, PR, management, publications, studios & workspaces, podcasts & blogs, events & workshops, supporting organizations, directory
  • Podcast Network / Online Radio Station – create a collection of shows (via podcast or radio format) that focus on speaking to artists and people inspiring to be apart of the Fine Arts industry.  Rocberry Protainment’s content will be produced, distributed and made available to advertisers & sponsors through a single RP company/network.
    We will provide the following tactical services:
    • setup station
    • show consulting/creation/programming
    • music & brand licensing
    • scheduling
    • advertising
  • Merchandise Store – We will update and maintain the current RP online store including graphic design, photos, product updates, sales & specials, customer support and payment gateways.  Also, we will provide proper website Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions including return & exchange policies, shipping options.
  • Affiliate Program – We will set up an affiliate plugin (AffiliateWP or Affiliate Pro) to allow brand ambassadors and influencers to promote and earn money.  Also, this online referral system will help turn customers into loyal brand marketers for RP.
    This program will include profile form, coupon tracking, customized product/affiliate rates, various dashboards and reporting functions.
  • Membership Plans – including Gold & Platinum
Other Web services (Phase#1 plan)

Web Development will include: 

  • A Content Management System
  • Application Forms
  • User Profiles
  • Login Capabilities,
  • Talent Spotlight area
  • Subscription Models
  • Advertising areas
  • Media Player (audio & video)
  • Content Library (image, audio & video)
  • Job Posting tools
  • Talent/Business Direct Mail feature
  • Upload Functionality
  • Resource area
  • Blog
  • Social Media inclusion and more TBD

Supporting Web services will include:

  • Annual Domain Name Registration
  • Annual Website Hosting
  • Annual SSL Certificate
  • Monthly maintenance including updates & changes

Custom ProBizCa HUB

This will allow your users (talent & business) network and collaborate on a consistent basis with trackable activity, marketing automation and real-time analytics

Marketing Services

We will identify and define the RP target demographic and how to communicate with them.  We will apply a “360 Approach” to create deliverables from identity and brand messaging to advertising, grassroots, web and social media campaigns.

  • Digital marketing – social media strategies & management, SEO/SEM, mobile marketing

Team Development

We will help develop and structure your internal & external operations team including employees, interns, volunteers, advisors/SMEs and possible board members. Also, we will assist with supporting efforts including:

  • Human Resources
  • Processes & procedures
  • Contracts
  • Incentives
  • Project management

Strategic Partnerships Procurement

We will help establish business-related partners that can:

  • help establish credibility
  • expand reach of RP into new areas and offerings
  • provide needed resources including money, customers, members, audience
  • increase the exposure in the marketplace

Minority Certification

We will consult and assist you in getting certified to tap into public and private sector programs on a local, state, regional and National/Federal level.  We will assist with the following certifications:


Phase I (30-90 days)

Explore & Envision

Business Strategy & Consulting, Domain, Hosting, SSL Certificate

Phase II (30-90 days)


Website Design & Programming, ProBizCa, Podcast assistance,  Internet Video planning, Marketing Collateral development

Phase III (90+ days)

Evaluate & Enhance

*Mobile APP Planning, Merchandise Design, Website Maintenance


Below is our estimated budget based on the scope of services outlined in this proposal. Our fees are based on the time required and services rendered and will be billed at the all inclusive fixed rate for the contract completion period starting from the date of signed contract.

$4,700 – Business Strategy & Consulting, Domain, Hosting, SSL Certificate

$7,800 – Website Design & Programming, ProBizCa, Podcast assistance,  Internet Video planning, Marketing Collateral development

$2,500 – Mobile APP Planning, Merchandise Design, Annual Website Maintenance 

 Proposed Integrated Consulting, Marketing & Development Total  –  $15,000

Payment Options:

Option 1- $5,000 down payment, $5,000 @ 45 days, $5,000 balance on completion (*TBD on any additional fees)

Option 2 – $2,500 down payment, $1,250/mo for 8-months

* Expenses for PR, TV/Cable/radio advertising, print costs, travel, meals, lodging, podcast & video production, merchandise collateral will be billed directly to Rocberry Protainment. Expenses for creative, management, report production and analytics are included or will be absorbed by ProBizCa+ Agency. In addition, if there are fees for purchasing tools, assets, labor or resources, we will bring those to RP for consideration. We are sensitive to the financial challenges facing a startup, growing business. It is our objective to help shoulder some of this expense by discounting our services & fees and utilizing our extensive resources so together we can build something bigger. We will always use our utmost discretion to keep costs low and still achieve the desired results. There will be times which require new development (extending team, event activities, or other new opportunities that we agree would be beneficial) and in those instances we will work together to determine the most cost effective options to reach optimal return.

Let’s Get Started

Again, we look forward to working with you and HELPING makING your business successful!