Project Proposal: Consulting,Branding/Creative & Mobile Application Development

Client: Lee Moorman

Delivered on: 3/12/2021

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Thank you for allowing Probizca+ and our team the opportunity to present our creative and digital services to you. We look forward to building a partnership that leads to your great success with your digital project.

Through our integrated proposal, we will execute a results-oriented business strategy and will develop a unique Trading Application that permits you  and your target audience to deal with a trader account, place trades, and access supporting partner websites in real-time.  Accessible for practically any mobile gadget: iOS devices, Android devices, Amazon Fire devices(TBD), Windows mobile devices. Also, ability to offer stock screeners, alternatives channels and instructional exercises. Probizca+ will develop and implement the above to ulitimately drive positive Return On Investment.


Branding & Creative Development

Design a company logo to include positioning, personality, promise and purpose, based on the company mission, vision and values and messaging.

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  • Create a brand identity including logo design, colors, and fonts & style guidelines for online/offline marketing collateral. 
  • This will include up to 3 design options.

Mobile Application Design & Development

Create a new interactive, Mobile  App that will be a user-friendly, native and directly competes with current market competition (i.e. TD Ameritrade, Stash, Fidelity, E-Trade Mobile, OptionsHouse Mobile, Robinhood). 

Our Step-by-Step Process:

 Our Design & Development Process: 

  • Have proper client conversations about Application intentions

  • Analyze App Idea:
    • Market Research
    • Audience Analysis including Personas & Demographics
  • Assemble our team of designers, developer(s) and project manager(s).
    • Estimate team – 2-3 designers & developers, a planner and tester
  • Work on the Prototype:
    • UX Design
    • Wireframes
    • User flow Diagrams
  • Create Visual Design:
    • User Interface including Logo & Icons
    • Account Management
      • Accounts
      • Portfolios
      • Deposits
      • Alerts & Notifications
      • News from relevant sources
    • Market Information:
      • General Marketing info
      • Market Calendar
      • Real-time Quote Updates
      • Companies Info
      • Reports & Charts
    • Trading Management:
      • Orders
      • Transactions
    • API (Application Programming Interface)
      • Web API
      • Mobile API including iOS, Android and Windows(TBD)
      • Broker Application Interface (TBD)
  • Test Application for quality assurance, usability, vulnerability and traffic issues
  • Launch and submit URL to major SEOs

Other Services:

Application Development will include: 

  • Administrative and User Dashboards
  • Real-time spilling of statements and graphs
  • Portfolios with sortable information
  • Watch records
  • Stock channels/screeners
  • Market news
  • Stock alarms, account alerts, schedule
  • Money transferring

Supporting Web services will include:

  • Annual Domain Name Registration
  • Annual Hosting
  • Annual SSL Certificate
  • Monthly maintenance including updates & changes

Tools to make Trading App:

  • Java Programming Language
  • ASP.Net, a server-side structure for dynamic web development
  • HTML5, a markup language to structure and present the content
  • Bootstrap, a front-end system for web and mobile development
  • Highcharts, to deliver diagrams and charts
  • New Relic analytics platform for mobile services


Phase I (1-60 days)

Explore & Envision

Business Strategy & Consulting, Logo Design, Domain Registration, Hosting, SSL Certificate, Market Research, Audience Analysis

Phase II (60-120 days)


Logo Selection & Revisions, UX/UI, Wireframing, App Design & Development, Account Management, Marketing Info, Trading Management, APIs  

Phase III (120-180+ days)

Evaluate & Enhance

 Testing, Quality Assurance, Platform Submission, Website Launch & Maintenance


 Below is our estimated budget based on the scope of services outlined in this proposal. Our fees are based on the time required and services rendered and will be billed at the all inclusive fixed rate for the contract completion period starting from the date of signed contract.

  • Estimate Time Frame: 4-6 months
  • Estimate Hours: 1,200

*Proposed Integrated Consulting, Creative & Digital Development Total: 


Domain Name Registration (10 Years) $175.00
Logo Design $2,700.00
Blueprint and design which includes Wire Frame and App Screen Design, Color combination and all pages displaying the complete flow.
(This is a one-time fee)
Broker Application Interfacing (TBD) $0.00
Proof of Concept Development $14,500.00
App Development for the Android Platform $42,500.00
App Development for the IOS Platform $34,750.00
Implementation/Upload and Testing on Android and IOS $5,200.00
Backend Database and Super Administration Access and Reporting $18,000.00
Total $138,655.00
Monthly Support $4,850.00

* Expenses for creative, management, report production and analytics are included or will be absorbed by ProBizCa+ Agency. In addition, if there are fees for purchasing tools, assets, labor or resources, we will bring those to your company for consideration. We are sensitive to the financial challenges facing a startup, growing business. It is our objective to help shoulder some of this expense by discounting our services & fees and utilizing our extensive resources so together we can build something bigger. We will always use our utmost discretion to keep costs low and still achieve the desired results. There will be times which require new development (extending team, event activities, or other new opportunities that we agree would be beneficial) and in those instances we will work together to determine the most cost effective options to reach optimal return.

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Again, we look forward to working with you and HELPING makING your business successful!