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ProBizCa+ is a Full-service Consulting Firm with a heavy focus on providing our clients with solutions associated with the complex challenges of business management and successful growth. We have developed a diverse portfolio of successful projects in various industries.


What We Do

Our flexibility and experience allows us to execute project of any size, at any stage of project execution. Our clients appreciate our strategic thinking,quick turnaround, cost effectiveness, integrated and open-minded business approach we apply. By applying our expertise, leveraging industry relationships and engineering smart solutions, we can assist your business growth and success.

Project management

We focus leading the process of team’s workflow to achieve project goals within the given constraints by utilizing five distinct phases including initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure.

Strategy & planning

We help set priorities, focus energy & resources, strengthen operations, ensure that your team is working toward common goals, intended outcomes/results, and assessing and adjusting your company’s direction in response to life changes.

research & development

We use these valuable tools for growing and improving your business by researching your market and customer needs, then developing products/services to fit these needs.

sales & marketing

We will help you get people interested in your company’s products and services, as well as focus on methods to sell those same products and services and targeted market.

education & training

We assist with aligning employee goals and performance with your company by identifying skill gaps among employees and teams, then developing and delivering training and relevant information to bridge those gaps. (i.e. LMS, white papers etc.)

WHY do CORPORATIONS GET high-level, personalized, custom services and content including R&D, planning, media, marketing and business consultation in real-time…. …while SME Businesses (Small-to-Midsize Enterprizes) DON’T GET the same treatment and service offerings regarding issues like research, analysis and consulting?


ProBizCa +

Big Business Knowledge. Small Business Consulting.


Try Our Trademarked Process

Strategy discussion

Contact us and schedule your first session to assess your business, provide practical advice and determine a plan for where to focus your energies to achieve your goals.

Planning & Execution

Now we develop an agreement with you (statement of work and pricing), followed by the proper research, business/industry analysis and an executable plan-of-action (the “key”).

Monitor & Evaluate

Finally, we assess outcome of our plan and tactics. Are you a satisfied client? Were expectations met? Any new issues or problems? Are there follow-up projects/next steps needed?


Pricing Models For Every Need

We our various services and pricing models for businesses.  Let’s discuss the best plan for you.

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